From Juxtaposed Fashions to Cross-Era Art

 - Jan 16, 2010   Updated: May 30 2011
Juxtaposition is the best way to shine a light on the faults of conflicting ideologies: it is also a great way to make fun of people.

From juxtaposed fashions to cross-era art, check out the 17 juicy juxtapositions which highlight the absurd to ruthlessly reveal the similarities and differences of all the contrasting features we have to offer at Trend Hunter. Enjoy.

Implications - It's interesting how duality has been applied by so many businesses. While zoning in on the product is effective, companies are finding it more useful to compare their product to another brand's as a way to prove their worthiness to the consumer. With ads bombarding consumers every day, the juxtaposition of two different products in the same industry is an effective way to help consumers narrow down their purchasing choice.