Kick Start Your Online Career with a Journalism Internship

 - Aug 20, 2012
Getting started down the right career path is hard, but by engaging in a social media, advertising or journalism internship, recent graduates are able to dip their feet into the media industry. Taking a look at these incredible opportunities, from Twitter internships to $13,000 internships, will show you that these apprenticeships are more than just running out to grab coffee and free labor. Instead a social media internship cultivates astonishing portfolios, while allowing interns the ability to network with advantageous contacts to eventually garner an employment position.

Any applicant can be winning whether it is by being one of the celeb social media hires of Charlie Sheen in Hollywood, or preferring a -- uh, safer working atmosphere in the Hollywood of the North with an amazing Toronto internship.

By checking out social media job sites and applying with inventive video resumes, recent graduates can secure a journalism job through their incredible experiences.