Girlie Guns and Other Forms of Feminine Self-Protection

 - Jan 5, 2009
Judging by the latest celebrity news, Jennifer Aniston could have used one of the girlie weapons in the cluster below.

According to a press release, Jennifer Aniston held a burglar at gun point after finding him mid-raid in her house when she returned from a vacation last week.

"Tears just rolled down my face as I walked in and saw everything gone and piles of trash all over my home," Aniston said.

The Marley and Me star walked through her house, and into her sun room where she met the intruder head on.

"Jenifer caught the thief red-handed in her home," Jennifer Aniston’s assistant, Debi Burke said. "And what is even crazier, the man even had Jennifer’s hat sitting right on his head."

She held a gun to his head, as she made him clean up his mess while they waited for the cops. While some people might be shocked that Jennifer Aniston has a gun in her house, in this case, it’s justifiable that she does.

The cluster below highlights weapon for women that are not only small in small and manageable, but look feminine enough that the men in her life wouldn’t try to borrow them.