- Oct 15, 2008
The buzz that surrounds the upcoming 'Iron Man 2' is highly representative of pop culture's fascination with silver-screen remakes of childhood superheroes. After all, Batman, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk have all seen multiple movie spin-offs from their original comic strips.

It's only natural that we should embrace superheroes. As children, superheroes stimulate a child's creativity. As adults, superheroes provide a welcome escape from everyday life. While not every adult might head into a comic book store, they might head into the movie theaters to watch 'Iron Man 2' or 'The Dark Knight.'

The 33 articles featured below cover the other superhero spin-offs. Rather than solely focus on the silver screen, these humble homages illustrate--and sometimes in permanent fashion--just how enormous of a role comic book superheroes have played in pop culture. There are even guides published to teach the average Joe and Jane how to hone their own superhero skills to become Batman. Think they'll release a similar one for War Machine after 'Iron Man 2' is released?

Moviemakers will inevitably run out of comic book superheroes to honor with their own movies. If that happens, would they begin creating superhero mashups, like the Battle of the Batmans? After 'Iron Man 2,' would War Machine go on to fight, say, Superman? Only time will tell, but the articles below should satisfy your superhero fix until the next blockbuster release.

From Iron Man 2 to Batman: