From Quirky Antlertography to Humans With Horns

 - Jun 21, 2009   Updated: Apr 5 2011
Who knew horns were so haute? These horned innovations run the gamut from antlertography and fashionable devil horns to fake taxidermy that won't anger PETA.

There are even electrical socket covers with antlers and DIY cardboard antlers for those who want a tamer way to indulge in horned innovation. Click through the slideshow below to see these horny inventions and more.

Implications - Today's marketplace is increasingly dominated by urban consumers who spend most of their lives in dense city environments, so it's no surprise that those looking for a break from reality would be drawn to fashion, products, and artwork like this. Unusual aesthetic movements like these let consumers walk on the wide side of life with their animalistic origins, and sometimes that is a real relief to urbanized people.