- May 27, 2011
Editorials and lookbooks take place in a variety of settings, but nothing is hotter than these high-fashion pool shoots. Set beside the alluring water, these attractive models are so hot, the pool won't even need heating.

Anyone looking for a few fashion-related tips on swimwear for a pool-party will find buckets of inspiration dripping in these editorials. The various shoots do a great job at taking traditional swimwear and infusing it with high-class fashion that screams "chic" all over. If you're looking for a retro, poolside look then check out the Vogue UK April 2011 spread. If you're looking for a loose suit-short to throw on over swimwear, the Harper’s Bazaar May 2011 issue has a few delicious finds. Either way, these high-fashion pool shoots are sure to inspire any water-lover.

From Summer Shorts Suitography to Striking Swimwear Lookbooks: