- Jul 16, 2012
With the return of all things retro -- and Vanity Fair declaring that nothing is new -- Helmut Newton-influenced works have been revived in various mediums. The famed photographer's works have found a place in modernity.

The style of the classic image maker is charged with sexual motifs, references to narcissism and unorthodox posing. His photos are often in black and white, with a careful adherence to an avant-garde aesthetic. These modes of expression continue to strike a chord with creative professionals as they reference, rework and are inspired by Newton.

Countless editorials and exhibits are dedicated to the late photographic genius. The most recent have been featured in cutting edge media outlets such as Elle and Marie Claire Spain.

The staying power of influence speaks volumes of and artist. As Helmut Newton remains relevant in the creative world, it is notable that his works give him iconic credibility.

From Noir Bodouir to Narcissistic Fashion: