From High-Class Motorcycle Boots to Romantic Punk Boots

 - Jun 24, 2010   Updated: Mar 31 2011
These hardcore boots were made for stompin'! There's no watching where (or how) you walk in any of these babies. With this year celebrating Doc Martens' 50th anniversary, punk-inspired combat boots have never been more appropriate.

Check out this cluster of 24 hardcore boots, which features everything from high-class motorcycle boots to romantic punk boots.

Implications - Carrie Bradshaw singlehandedly turned an entire generation of women into high heel addicts; however, like all other fashion trends before it, the stiletto wave has a consumer-driven antidote. Hardcore, punked-out motorcycle boots and Dr. Marten's serve as the antithesis to Manolo Blahnik's, providing women with a way to rest their tired soles while still seeming edgy.