From Detached Limb Desserts to Creepy Crawly Confections

 - Sep 21, 2012
These hair-raising Halloween snacks amplify the buzz that begins each year on September 1st. Children and adults alike countdown until the October 31st date, planning outfits and decor down to a T. Food blogs and cooking shows address the holiday event during the fall months with new approaches to spooky and all out delectable dishes.

Detached limb desserts and creepy crawly confections are only some of the concoctions that have hit the web this season. Gooey mixtures of marshmallows are made to look like ghosts while red food coloring imitates the appearance of spilled blood. The result is a tasty mixture of spine-chilling cakes, muffins, suckers and sweet boozy drinks.

Classic Halloween staples lie at the heart of most of these treats with the use of jack-o-lantern styles, skulls and spiders.