From Blood-Covered Clutch Bags to Eerie Ocular Jewelry

 - May 22, 2013
Fashionistas looking to add some gore to their everyday wardrobe are in luck, because these gruesome fashion accessories are outfitted with some of the most eerie and macabre designs that will surely frighten anyone on the street.

While ordinarily pieces of jewelry and handbags are designed with feminine designs and frilly accents, these gruesome-looking creations are rather geared toward those with a fascination for gore and blood. If you're into horror movies and the zombie apocalypse, then these bloody accessories are sure to get you in the scary mood. From handbags that resemble blood-covered butcher knives to hair bows outfitted with a zombie-like handprint, these gruesome fashion accessories are perfect for Halloween or anytime you want to add some scary touches to your look.