From Blossoming Flower Fashion to Patterned Dress Portraits

 - Nov 27, 2012
These glamorous Grey Magazine editorials assemble a chic pick of the New York-based publication's features. The hard copy version of the content is released on a bi-annual basis, delivering in-depth and often artistic reviews to its enthusiastic readership.

Blossoming flower fashion and patterned dress portraits have been broadcast within the pages and along the covers of Grey Magazine. Divided among the sections of fashion, beauty, lingerie, fiction, poetry and essays is its exceptional team of photographers, editors and writers who have all managed to put on distinctive themes.

Followers of Grey Magazine can depend on its editorials for the street style, music and current event reviews. While its primary focus is fashion, it has proved equally if not more capable of reporting on a variety of critical topics, contributing to its overall appeal.