Grey Magazine Requiem Aterenam Editorial Features Obscure Makeup

 - Nov 22, 2012
References: grey-magazine & grey-magazine
The Grey Magazine 'Requiem Aternam' editorial features makeup bottles are the focal point, instead of a traditional model. The cosmetic casings are featured in a surrealist manner as they are propped up against porcelain bottles, floral arrangements and ceramic statutes. The dismal lighting pays tribute to the creative director Concetta D'Angelo's artistic vision of old Italian art. The photographer Camille Vivier does a stunning jobs as she captures the makeup in an emotional setting as it lays against stunning vintage sculptures.

By provoking emotion in the cosmetics, the photographer is giving new light to the way people can feel about makeup. The artistic presence of the Chanel, Dior and YSL bottles leave the photoshoot as a beautiful way to capture fashion without clothing.