The Grey Magazine Memories of Rodarte Spread Captures Impermanence

Pallid porcelain complexions and an ethereal haze characterized the Grey Magazine Memories of Rodarte editorial.

This fashion spread is an ode that looks back at archival pieces by the fashion house Rodarte. Known for its intricate garment creations by sister design duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the Rodarte aesthetic has earned high merit in the world of fashion. Grey Magazine showcases past collection’s pieces in the ‘Memories of Rodarte’ spread as stylist Valentina Ilardi-Martin puts together eerily romantic looks.

Nan Goldin captures a sense of impermanence that seems fitting as this archival venture oozes with hip imagery. Models Dorte Limkilde, Ondria Hardin and Carrie Anne Burton give new life to each piece with a vintage aesthetic. The Grey Magazine Memories of Rodarte spread is a nostalgic nod to the creative brilliance of the Mulleavy sisters.