From Monstrous Anatomy Guides to Humorous Haiku Blogs

 - Feb 24, 2012
Godzilla has become such a staple in pop culture that it’s nearly impossible not to run into Godzilla parodies once every couple of months. What’s even more remarkable is the infinity amount of ways people re-contextualize the overgrown lizard. From depictions of him kissing King Kong to people building model cities just to trounce on it like the Japanese monster, Godzilla parodies are here to stay, so you may as well enjoy them all.

One particularly peculiar Godzilla parody is a series of haikus written about the radioactive creature. Featured on a dedicated blog entitled ‘Godzilla Haiku,’ some of the poems found on the site are actually quite profound, while most are just downright silly. Godzilla also seems to be a popular subject for many aspiring and professional graphic artists.