From Fruity Chia Bowls to Baked Breakfast Casseroles

 - Mar 16, 2015
These gluten-free breakfast recipes range from berry-infused chia bowls to baked breakfast casseroles that are made using a french fries, ham and a generous helping of melted cheese. Whether you're an indulgent or health-conscious eater, these gluten-free breakfast recipes feature something for everyone.

The meal ideas range from super-indulgent casseroles and grain-free cookies to more health-focused meals like flour-less latkas and blended fruit smoothies that give one an energy boost in the morning.

In addition to grain-free granola blends and healthy superfood yogurts, these gluten-free breakfast foods also include artisan donut desserts that are made with avocado puree, sea salt and imported cacao toppings. From the healthy to the delectable, these diverse recipes prove that a gluten intolerance doesn't equal to less tasty meal options.