- Feb 2, 2011   Updated: Mar 21 2011
Whether your own grandpappy and grandma are glamorous grandparents or not, you're sure to enjoy checking out these confident seniors in action.

It's the age of elder celebration, with photographers seeking glamorous grandparents for their latest shoots. From nudist elder islanders to stylish seniors, here's some glamorous grandparents to make you look forward to aging!

Implications - All of these examples highlight how pop culture is no longer focused only on youth, but the elderly as well. From cooking shows to pictorials and YouTube videos, it's evident that the celebration of life lives on well into your 80s, 90s and even 100s.

People are no longer as fearful of laugh lines and grey hair. On the contrary, society is beginning to look forward to and embrace the aging process.

From Granny Glam Pictorials to Senior-Stalking Lookbooks: