- Aug 6, 2010   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Embracing your inner warrior gets easier with these featured gladiator shoes. From thigh-high gladiator styles to strappy, golden pumps, these interesting gladiator pieces have been seen both in-store and on runways.

Check out the glorious gladiator shoes featured here and get prepped to strut the streets in style.

Implications - Fashion designers' use of strapped sandal footwear is often inspired by gladiator footwear. While it served its purpose in battle in the past, gladiator footwear is now about providing comfort and style. The shoes have been modernized so that women can wear them with confidence and power, much like the mighty warriors. Greece has always had a tremendous culture in philosophy and literature, which is something that designers can capitalize on by use of a classical European twist.

From Jelly Gladiator Heels to Vegan Gladiator Flats: