From Chic Handbags to Kitschy Home Decor Finds

 - Dec 17, 2012
Presents this holiday season don't have to be as boring as socks and or underwear because these gifts for LEGO lovers will make sure your offering is anything but square.

The iconic childhood building blocks have begun to extend beyond the confines of the playroom into other areas of culture like art, design and fashion. Here, we've got an eccentric list of items that will help add a little brightness to your wardrobe like the Chanel LEGO Clutches, which are perfect for the discerning fashion-forward friend, or the LEGO Cufflinks that will add a certain quirky finish to an otherwise standard suit.

Looking to go above and beyond? This LEGO Lamp is sure to delight and enlighten the recipient long after the Christmas season is over.