Express Yourself with These Geeky Valentine's Day Cards

 - Feb 10, 2013
For those uncertain of how to express your affection for that significant other or that girl you've been crushing on for a while, why not try out one of these geeky Valentine's day cards?

Though there are a lot of different ways to show someone how you feel, there really is no better way then by giving them a heartfelt card with an equally lovable and quirky character or slogan to accompany it. Deviating away from the traditional cards you can find at the drug store, why not make it a bit more personal by giving them one with their favorite superhero emblazoned on the front. Or, it's even better to give geeky Valentine's day cards that have witty slogans. Because, let's be serious, who wouldn't love a card that says "Be my valentine and fluff my stench"?