Garbage Bag Innovations, from Trash Bag Minidresses to Garbage Chic

 - Jun 22, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
Take out the trash in style with these garbage bag innovations. Garbage bags now collect innovative ideas in addition to trash.

These garbage bag innovations range from fashionable to informative. I for one would never pay $1,960 for a trash bag, but I might sport some garbage bag menswear. Check out these trashy innovations and more. It may be the dirtiest thing you do all day.

Implications - Not so dirty, however, is the aquarium trash bags, which have an outer appearance of goldfish swimming around in fishbowls. Biodegradable garbage bags have also made it to the real world and though it may seem counter-productive to have a bag good for the environment holding junk that's bad for the environment, at least it's taking steps in the right direction.