- Sep 26, 2012
The Gangnam style dance is now an internationally approved form of movement, as recognizable as the waltz or salsa. Thanks to Korean pop singer Psy and his higly addictive K-Pop hit, people can be viewed breaking out in the horse-riding shuffling dance moves all over the Internet.

The randomly hilarious video has catapulted to over 250 million views on YouTube, and broke a Guinness World Record for all of the ‘likes’ it received. As a celebration to this achievement, here is a list of the perfect Gangnam style dance shoes. The premise of the dance and music video is that you dress up in classy clothes and liberate yourself with silly dance moves.

This collection of hybrid shoes shows off a mix dressy constricting wingtip footwear blended with casual and comfy sneakers. The result is fashionable shoes that will let you bust a move skillfully while still looking dapper.

Show Off Your Gangnam Style Dance Moves in These Classy Sneakers: