From Space-Worthy Cell Protectors to Minimalist Brace Mobile Covers

 - Feb 25, 2013
With the on-going demand for the latest and hippest cellular cases continuing to grow, retailers must anticipate what the next big trend might be, and these sleek futuristic cellular cases are some great examples of what phone covers are evolving into.

While ordinary cellphone cases are often designed with functionality in mind, these inventive futuristic-like designs are merging practicality and out-of-this-world design into one. From cases that utilize Aerospace designs to those that have multi-functional features such as pepper spray, these fantastically futuristic designs showcase the growing need for technological gadget protectors that are not only visually appealing, but also serve more than one purpose.

These unorthodox and utterly inventive designs demonstrate where the next generation of cellular cases are going, and if you're looking to get the head's up on the next wave of in-demand products, then these futuristic cases are your best bet.