From Earmuff Sneakers to Furry Wedge Heels

 - Dec 15, 2012
Furry shoes are almost always a great conversation starter. It's just that not everyone can pull them off, so when someone does (or even when they don't,) they are worth talking about.

The classic furry shoes come in the form of comfy slippers like the furry feet warmers designed to look like actual hairy feet. However, furry shoes aren't limited to home use. You can pick up a pair of earmuff sneakers that feature big round pieces of fur on either side of the shoe. They look so warm, your ears might get jealous.

Ladies, why not throw some fur into your heel game? You can grab a pair of furry wedge heels that give your chic heels some added flair. Even the distinctly rubber Crocs are available with fur lining.