- May 19, 2010   Updated: May 26 2011
This cluster of freaky food finds shows the crazy side of cuisine. Whether it's s shocking advertising for a restaurant or bacon-flavored ice cream, you can rest assured that your appetite for the unbelievable will be satisfied with this collection of unbelievable foods.

From toad burgers to fast food drag queens, go ahead and take a bite out of these freaky food finds.

Implications - The old days of rustic food has made its transition to the present with the culinary world embracing ingredients of all sorts. Although strange and foreign at first, the developed flavors entice foodies who now have a brand new perspective on what food is all about. As chefs continue to explore the mysteries of produce and vegetables, supermarkets and farmers will have the opportunity to profit off of exotic items that have now been given a second chance.

From Toad Burgers to Fast Food Drag Queens: