- Oct 4, 2012
The hilariously delicious food Halloween costumes will make you stand out at your holiday party with creative irony.

This compiled list of quirky costumes are all food-themed. Instead of opting for a spooky theme to your attire on October 31st, consider taking a comical approach with these wearable meals. The concept is perhaps at its most amusing when you apply it to children's attire. Two interesting variations on costumes are new for this Halloween 2012.

The baby bacon costume resembles a strip of the delicious meaty breakfast food. Another eggcelent choice is the baby breakfast costume that takes it one step further by dressing as sunny-side-up eggs with an adorable bacon hat. These food Halloween costumes will have people chuckling to make your evening spooky and hilariously fun.

These Food Halloween Costumes are Deliciously Hilarious: