From Automated Brokering Services to Biometric Banking Apps

 - May 28, 2016
The top May 2016 finance ideas showcase both innovative business models and new approaches to banking in the digital age. As consumer expectations evolve with technology, many brands are forced to reconsider policies and procedures that have been long in place in order to remain competitive.

Tangerine has launched a new iOS app in Canada that uses biometric technology in the form of EyeVerify and VocalPassword by Nuance. First released for Apple users, the bank is working on releasing a version for Android phones as soon as possible.

Called Blogfabrik, which means "blog factory" in German, is a coworking space in Berlin that allows writers to use the space for free in exchange for a handful of social media love. The innovative business model highlights the renewed interest in bartering as ushered in by the burgeoning peer-to-peer economy.