From Keen Kitty Memes to Vampire Cat Clubs

 - Aug 16, 2011
Cat lovers, rejoice, as there's never been a better time for feline-focused blogs than now. As the popularity of cat memes and kitty vids continues to grow online, the number of blogs devoted to furry friends has drastically gone up. Wickedly funny Tumblrs with titles like "Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson" and "Dr. Who with Cats" will satisfy all your cravings for paw-fully hilarious cat pictures.

These feline-focused blogs have something to offer everyone, including the cat-lover with the most refined tastes. Collections of old photographs showing celebrities and their four-legged friends, and feline fashion blogs, are just a couple of the more sophisticated sassy pet pages.

If you're looking for feline-focused blogs that really are the cat's meow, check out these great sites that will have you rolling with laughter -- just be sure you don't choke on a hairball.