Folded & Angled Innovations That Aren't Made of Paper

 - Jun 14, 2009   Updated: May 30 2011
Although origami is officially an art form made of folded paper, these fauxrigami creations take far too much inspiration from this Japanese papercraft to be discounted. You'll find a number of innovations below that mimic the simplicity and stark angles of origami but are not made of paper.

Implications - It is incredible how many items were inspired by origami. Origami styles can be found on designer shoes, vibrant belts, stunning handbags and even furniture for the home. If you want to create some fauxrigami creations yourself, take some inspiration from towel origami or the creative drawings by Jonathan Puckey.

From futuristic angletecture to origami eyelashes, these fauxrigami creations are a treat for the eyes.