From Edgy Rebel Runways to Summer-Ready Urban Apparel

 - Jul 30, 2014
These Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin features include some of the most daring and innovative examples of menswear design today. From retro rebel runways that look to the 50s for inspiration to architectural punk attire that mixes rocker and gallerist garments, these German menswear finds are inspiring the fashion industry worldwide.

Standouts from this list of Fashion Week Berlin features include designer Sissi Goetze's Spring/Summer 2015 collection that revives retro greaser looks for a new generation of style-setters. The menswear presentation features slicked back coifs, wide-fitted slacks and Hawaiian shirt looks that take one back to the 50s.

Another memorable example from this list includes ODEUR's Spring/Summer 2015 line that is a sci-fi translation of classic sportswear looks. In addition to its experimental shapes, the collection features face-concealing visor accessories.