From Horseshoes for Humans to Haute High Ponytails

 - Jun 28, 2009   Updated: Jun 2 2011
Pony and horse fashion has never been hotter, and this slideshow of equestrian fashions is here to prove it. From horseshoes for humans to ponytail belts and equestrian photo shoots, you'll see both the bizarre and the beautiful below.

If you're not into the whole wearing horseshoe thing, there are also slightly tamer zebra fashions and pony-inspired pendants. Would you ever rock these equestrian fashions?

Implications - From upscale ponytail holders to horseshoes for humans, the equestrian aesthetic will continue to grow. Consumers, regardless of if they participate in the sport or not, have an appreciation for this elegant style and will continue to don fashions that pay tribute to the equestrian style.