Perfect for Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Hollywood's Baby Boom

 - Jan 30, 2009
Television personalities like Elisabeth Hasselbeck have long mastered the art of a high-profile pregnancy. Whereas other Hollywood divas might shun the spotlight to endure bizarre cravings and morning sickness in peace, Hasselbeck is one of the many moms-to-be that maintain visibility throughout their pregnancy.

These innovations are modern must-haves for any high-profile pregnancy like that of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. We've learned from other famous moms like Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman that your baby isn't officially ready to enter the world until you've appeared on the cover of an exalted fashion magazine, obtained honorary foreign citizenships for your unborn babies and completed a custom-made birthing soundtrack.

Angelina Jolie likes to commemorate her children with a tattoo of the latitude and longitude of their places of descent. Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck similarly commemorate her pregnancy with a womb or baby bump cast, or will she let her unborn child tell its own story with the KickBee Twitter mod?

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