Anecova Silicon Womb

 - Mar 1, 2008
References: anecova & dvice
If this doo-dad vibrates while doing in-vitro, they've got a great invention. OK, it's great anyway. The Anecova Silicon Womb goes inside the woman and releases the eggs to give them a chance to find a place to land in the womb naturally.

"In the ANECOVA approach, the zygotes are placed in the maternal uterine cavity over all early development stages to get the benefits of a customized and adapted environment," Anecova explains. "The injected ovocytes are directly placed in the ANECOVA device which is then placed within the uterine cavity for the desired period. Formed embryos are then recovered and after the usual selection process, the required number is transferred as in the traditional embryo transfer procedure."

It looks a lot less complicated than prior methods and would take the stress out of the procedure.