From Dessert Purses to Edible Bridal Wear

 - Jan 27, 2012
These edible chocolate fashions taste as good as they look. Terribly tempting and wonderfully creamy, these wearable choco-centric designs are sure to make a boldly delicious statement. You'll have to work hard keeping your admirers from nibbling on these stylish numbers. Their complementary lines and decadent tastes are sure to have people flocking.

From chocolaty couture heels to naughty melting thongs, there is a piece of sugary apparel for everyone. Not only do these outfits have stellar style, they also provide any hungry fashionistas with a convenient mid-soriee snack. There will be no need for a boring granola bar when you have a fashionable chocolate handbag on your arm. Sweet and stylish, these edible chocolate fashions are so hot you'll struggle to keep them melting.

Terribly tempting and daringly delicious, these edible chocolate fashions are sure to satisfy your passion for fashion and your insatiable sweet tooth.