From Robotic Baby Plush Toys to Child-Safe 3D Printer Pens

 - Jul 12, 2017
These early exposure tech toys offer great ways to introduce the complex thinking processes necessary for learning coding and STEM programs later in life.

For the most part, toy makers are approaching early exposure tech toys in one of two ways -- either by deconstructing thought patterns and developing a way to translate those to children, or by taking technology already available and putting a child-centric spin on it (think of the gesture-controlled Minion toy).

Whether it is early exposure to coding through the 'Let's Go Code! Activity Set,' or playful riffs on tech culture with the magnetic pixel-themed construction set, many parents have a desire for early technological integration into their children's lives. Alternatively, others would prefer to keep screens at bay during their child's early years. This is why many of these toys find other ways to ingrain the same thought patterns. For these toys, it is more about developing meaningful thought patterns than spending time online. Being able to learn transferable skills like solving complex problems and developing creative modes of thinking are seen as more important when it comes to these particular toy concepts.