15 Depression-Chic Grey Fashions For Men And Women

 - Feb 15, 2009   Updated: Aug 22 2011
Judging by the grey fashions in this slideshow, it looks like the economy is influencing the color palettes of high fashion for both men and women. These drab grey designs range from futuristic metallic collections to dark, "soft goth" pieces and are a far cry from the mimosa yellow Pantone promised would rule the day in 2009.

Cycle through the slideshow below to find plenty of gunmetal grey fashions to fill your wardrobe.

Implications - The fashion industry is undoubtedly affected by a society's economic situation. When financial situations are on the decline, as in the case of a recession, the fashion industry takes note and produces clothing in colors and styles that are more subdued. Rather than releasing flamboyant, extravagant pieces, the industry puts forth an effort to reflect the current atmosphere of a society.