Aitor Throup's Strange Suit

 - Feb 23, 2008
References: kanyeuniversecity & dvice
We were surprised to see designer gas masks, and just when the shock of the product's existence wore off, we've been replaced with the fear that gas mask fashion is another step closer to becoming main stream. Yikes.

Aitor Throup
has taken the design of an ordinary gray suit to the next level with the gas mask suit. It has the formation of several head-sized gas masks sewn on and covered in the same material as the suit.

Imagine getting on the airplane and seeing this guy perched behind a newspaper in business class. Would security even allow him through?

You won't necessarily knock 'em dead when you go in for an interview, but you can be sure they'll be talking about you long after you've left the room. Functionally, it doesn't look like it would be of much assistance either.

For the paranoid, I still suggest the fully functioning couture gas masks: