From Gargantuan Burgers to Expensive Melons

These delicious world records range from items that contain more fat than a barrel of lard to wine that was bottled two years before Abraham Lincoln was born. No matter what the selection, digesting any of these items would be quite the story to tell at a cocktail party.

If you're rolling around in money and don't know what to do with it all, why not try some world record delicacies? The 34,000 dollar cake is about as pricey you can get, however it's totally worth it because you get to keep the 2.62 carat diamond that comes on top. For the ultra-hungry people out there, perhaps the massive crown made out of cheese is for you (you're going to need a lot of crackers).

Food and drink will always be the topic of many great human challenges as seen here with these delicious world records.