From Fried Chocolate to Doughnut Chips

 - Oct 18, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
During periods of recession, deep fried and greasy foods have been the vice of choice for many cash-strapped men and women. The delicious comfort that your favourite fried delicacy can provide is more comforting than any stimulus package can provide. The following 20 gut-busting features will make even the most health-crazed person drool.

Implications - It seems that, after a period of recession and restriction, many consumers are embracing different forms of indulgence once again. One type of indulgence is food, and some consumers are quick to toss aside past goals of living healthier lifestyles and eating in moderation in exchange for instant gratification. With this renewed attitude toward fatty junk foods comes corresponding demand for products that appease the luxury-loving, indulgence-seeking consumer.