- Jun 22, 2012
These daring Dansk Magazine editorials showcase the likes of headlining models, now home to the faces of Amalie Talli and Maria Palma Lyduch amid bizarre backdrops. The fashion and art publication has been known to break down barriers, always opting for what has yet to be done in place of a reinterpretation of photoshoots past.

Outlandish religitorials and luxe locker room pictorials have all come to set the Dansk Magazine brand a part form the rest. Unusual motifs and daring, if not frightening, ensembles are all a part of the compilation's atypical beauty.

Industry enthusiasts have heralded Dansk's ability to transcend longstanding style lines, and the following that has gone hand in hand with the organization has in turn grown exponentially over the past few years.

From Outlandish Religitorials to Luxe Locker Room Pictorials: