From Halloween Big Macs to Pumpkin Carriages

 - Oct 19, 2008
Halloween is only weeks away, and people are starting to brain storm creative pumpkin carving ideas. The Jack o’ lantern has become an integral part of the spooky ‘holiday’ and has even spread beyond North America.

A decade ago, pretty much the only reason pumpkins were bought in Germany was to make a harvest dish like squash soup. Today, it’s not uncommon to see the glowing eyes of a cleverly carved pumpkin glowing back from an apartment window, or the cheeky smile spreading warmth from a porch on a crisp October night.

Regardless of where you are, Halloween can be a fun time to celebrate. As it’s not attached to any major religious beliefs, it’s a time of year anyone can celebrate.

What a great excuse to get creative! For some really cool pumpkin carving ideas, check out the slideshow below.