From City-Wide Disco Devices to Suspended Sumo Wrestlers

It's the thinkers that are able to use items that already exist to make new inventions that are the most resourceful innovators and these crane-related contraptions are all stellar examples of how cranes have been used for their reach and for their design in creative endeavors.

For example, 'Cityscape Disco Parties' describes the Michel de Broin disco ball that was created in Paris, France for Nuit Blanch. It's 7.5-feet wide and has over 1000 mirrors and was suspended using a crane over the city of love. The sparkling lights could only be fitting for princes and princesses which is exactly what the citizens must have felt like. There are smaller devices such as the 'Crane Lamp' by Charlie Davidson that have been injected into interior design as a way to bring rugged modernity into the home.