From Huggable Pony Knapsacks to Kiddy Travel Packs

 - Jul 24, 2013
Sending your little ones off to school can be a milestone event for both parents and their children, and if you're looking to give them something cute to carry their books and belongings in, then these adorable child knapsacks will certainly do the trick.

While teenagers and adults are often preoccupied with their clothing styles and what other people may think of it, children tend to be much more carefree and relaxed about their looks and everyday life. These adorable child knapsacks are outfitted with some of the most outrageous and flamboyant looks, perfect for youngsters who aren't afraid to showcase their love for certain toys or TV shows.

From backpacks shaped like My Little Pony characters to those that resemble LEGO pieces and panda bears, these adorable child knapsacks will certainly make any kid stand out from the rest of their peers.