10 Cave-Inspired Creations

 - Mar 3, 2009   Updated: Aug 30 2011
Caves are Mother Nature's forts, underground cavities that house mystery, history and silence. It's no wonder caves are such bountiful sources of inspiration in the design world; the sense of privacy the image of a cave conveys is enriched by the organic shapes and forms designers so love to replicate.

In the slideshow below, you'll see cave-inspired homes for humans and dogs; schools, hotels and libraries; subterranean photography, and dives through underwater caves.

Implications - The lack of privacy that is so prominent in current society due to the rise of social media and technology is an issue manifested in a literal way with the appeal of private, secluded designs and architecture. Businesses can benefit from this by producing goods and services that appeal to customers' need for privacy and seclusion.