From Cage Dresses & Hotels to Cage-Fighting Children

 - Jun 6, 2009
What's up with the human fascination for putting things in a cage? From backpack birdcages to cage couture, there's no shortage of creations that involve captivity.

We've featured a number of cage innovations on, and below you'll see a slideshow of the most bizarre of these features. From cage-fighting children to haute cage couture, there's enough to make you yearn for freedom--or crave a way to get caged yourself.

Implications - Constraining fashions were once wildly popular among females who indulges in ill fitting shoes and corsets. With the favorable visual presentation that such fashions gave women, women are not revisiting caged creations. Companies looking to provide products for modern females should be accountable of their fascination with the look of restraining fashions, yet appreciation of comfort.