From Bras to Birdhouses

 - Nov 18, 2008
It’s a dangerous world out there, and manufacturers are ensuring that bulletproof designs are included in everything from baby strollers to handkerchiefs.

You’re familiar with the armored cars that transport money and priceless goods, and the bulletproof vehicles that politicians and important elected officials are wheeled around in. But for everyday folks that need a bit more protection, Range Rover, Mercedes and even China-based Chery carmakers have released bulletproof versions of their vehicles.

Bulletproof design has even transcended age limits into childhood. Bulletproof backpacks, strollers and polo shirts ensure your little one can walk to school safely. There are even bulletproof all-weather jackets for inclement weather.

Whether you’re interested in buying bulletproof gear out of necessity or paranoia, we’ve got you covered in this cluster.