From Ammunition Funeral Vessels to Writing Tool Weaponry

 - Jan 8, 2012
Even if you're not one for gun slinging, these bullet-shaped innovations are sure to pique your interest. Sleek, aerodynamic and sexy, bullets are the perfect source for design inspiration. Looking to shake that good girl image? Well, look no further.

From deadly accessories to speedy locomotives, the appealing shape of a bullet knows no bounds. Dress up your tootsies with some bullet-wielding boot straps or sign on the dotted line with one lethal-looking pen. No matter what you do in your day to day life it seems there is always room for a little ammunition. Equip yourself with a some playful intimidation with any one of these stellar bullet-shaped innovations.

Equipped with killer style, a sleek shape and an ample amount of sex appeal, these bullet-shaped innovations will make sure you're locked and loaded no matter where you go.