From Vibrant Clip-On Bells to Luminous Bike Signal Indicators

 - Jun 22, 2013
With more and more cyclists out on the road this summer, bike bells are becoming prettier and more practical than ever before. From old-school ringers to high-tech electronic signalling accessories, there are plenty of choices for the urban biker.

Sugar-coating traditional bike bells, Poketo paints them to look like fruit and other yummy treats. The color is vibrant and noticeable from even afar. It's also a cute and uncommon accessory so that your bike isn't like all the rest.

Sometimes a simple ring isn't enough to alarm others on the road. This is why many electronic signalling systems have been invented, upgrading bicycle safety to the next level. There are wireless bike attachments that have a built-in LED headlight. Luminous signalling devices are like the silent bike bells for when it gets dark out -- you'll be distinctly visible to other drivers and pedestrians on the streets.