- Feb 22, 2019
Exploring aid-delivering bee projects is essential for the planet and consequently, for humans as a species. Many designers and developers have focused on the crisis of the declining bee population and are turning to technology to address the impending problems that come with it.

Some designers embark on bee projects that offer a nutritious boost to pollinators in urbanized areas. Examples of this includes bee-saving paper by Polish agency Saatchi & Saatchi and conservationists City Bees, Shau Design's 'Bee Hospital,' as well as Mexican-based studio MaliArts' urban bee-accommodating structures.

The vigorous work of battling bee extinction bleeds into instances where behavioral paradigms are addressed and attempted to be changed. An example of this would be MIT's Mediated Matter group's purely synthetic environment.

From Bee Survival Aid Devices to Supportive Synthetic Environments: