Bedroom Editorials That Combine the Boudoir & Fashion Beautifully

 - May 13, 2010   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Whether they channel 'Sleeping Beauty' or Sin City, the fashion industry has often used bedroom editorials as a voyeuristic look into other's lives. Not just a place for shooting models in their underwear or pyjamas, the bed has been a backdrop for showcasing beautiful tattoos, hipster party clothes or our favourite television characters. Bedroom editorials are hot, and we love them, with good reason.

Implications - Consumers are intrigued by the concept of a voyeuristic peep into a bedroom because it engenders an idea of pathology. Bedrooms are a place of comfort and of intimacy, and by exposing these personal environments in pictorials to audiences, consumers subconsciously develop an empathetic relation to the product. Corporations looking to generate that same intimate and personal relationship with customers should consider employing bedroom design aesthetics into offices and products.