Incongruent Architecture, Fashion and Furniture

 - Dec 17, 2009   Updated: May 20 2011
Sometimes symmetry just doesn't do the trick. At times, incongruence is the only currency that will get you what you want.

Furniture, architecture and fashion all must venture into the uneven side in order to remain edgy and this cluster shows the genius which is produced when they do. From asymmetrical armchairs to single glove styling, check out these 15 asymmetrical innovations.

Implications - Sometimes a little disorder is required to truly show off the beauty of a product. There are many people who like straight-cut looks, which is fine, but there are those who prefer more idiosyncratic concepts that deviate from designs the mainstream is accustomed to. It's easy to fall back on old habits, but if brands are looking to evolve, it's time for them to think outside the box and attract consumers through sheer creativity.